Friday, 17 March 2017

Above kitchen cabinets decoration ideas for any kitchen

Maybe you have wondered what to do with that inconvenient space above your kitchen cabinets? We've accumulated 5 clever alternatives for trendy storage and simple decor.

Visibly Organized

As seen on A Beautiful Wreck cute metal baskets line the top of the beautiful kitchen cabinet. The baskets not only ensure it is super simple to see what’s up there, but in addition they keep everything tidy and organized.

Well-Lit Display

In this charming kitchen, accessories, pottery and seldom used serving ware are kept safe above a wonderful cabinet with glass doors. The warm, neutral shade of the walls and cabinets along with exceptional lighting help keep everything above the cupboard in sight and in mind.

Within Arm's Reach

Despite the size of the kitchen, it always looks like more space is preferable. Attempt keeping infrequently or bulky used kitchen things over the cabinets for a less cluttered approach.

Safe and Sound

While you’re putting them up there, it might seem chilling, but by storing items that are breakable above the kitchen cabinet, you can keep them away from small hands. Here, stunning glass jars add a personal touch to the kitchen and are stored safely out of harm’s way.

Colorful Collection

To set a set on display without taking up additional counter space, contemplate filling up the space above the cupboards. The Asian vases featured in this cheery kitchen add a fun emphasis in an unexpected spot.

Green Thumb

Add life to your kitchen by placing a couple of potted plants above the cabinets. And in the event the cabinets are too high to water the plants imitation varieties can offer a feeling of health and happiness to the dwelling.

Letter Perfect

Big metal letters add a sudden, whimsical touch to this lively kitchen, which likewise features reddish cabinetry and interesting art above the sink.

Chalk It Up

To keep knickknacks in their own place but never out of mind, colored baskets with chalkboard labels are an excellent approach to take. Visit A "TimeforEverything" to see how miniature chalkboards and a number of cans of spray paint can make the ideal kitchen storage option for you.

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